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Ways to pay

At Aslams Interiors, making a payment is quick and simple and therefore, we accept the following payment methods:

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However, before proceeding, please make sure your method of payment is valid and that your PayPal account details match your actual delivery address.

Please note, we only accept payments from UK credit or debit cards with a UK billing address.

Secure payments

At Aslams Interiors we are proactive in preventing fraudulent use of credit and debit cards and consuct thorough security checks on all orders received. These checks can take various forms but may involve contracting you before we process the order. We reserve the right to deliver to the cardholder's address only.

Our online transactions are authenticated by Visa (for Visa Cards), MasterCard SecureCode(TM) (for MasterCard and Maestro cards) or American Express Safekey (for American Express cards) to give you extra peace of mind. These services allow you to protect your credit or debit cards by storing a secret password that is created by you, with your card-issuing bank.